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Rofhiwa Nesamvuni

Chief Operating Officer

Has a Diploma in Financial Management, Certificate in Project Management with MS Projects.


  • 9 years financial management experience
  • 5 years project management experience
  • Overall duty is to manage the function of the organization thorough Planning, organizing, guiding and controlling the training function in such a way that set objectives are achieved
  • Manage the legal aspects of the business and developing Business Plans
  • Negotiate special conditions of the contract
  • Maintain direct relationship with Finance Department of the clients
  • Ensure reporting is in line with Clients requirement
  • Ensure that the Projects are effectively and efficiently implemented
  • Dealing with external auditors
  • Processing expenditure Reports and budget for the CEO
  • Capturing Payments and financial controlling
  • Managing petty cash
  • Reporting monthly reports directly to the CEO