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Linda Siliga

Academic Manager

Has a Diploma in Catering Management, and is a Registered Skills Development Facilitator and ETD Specialist.


  • 7 Years Hospitality Industrial Experience at Management Level
  • 10 Years Management at AGSA
  • 8 Years Skills Development Facilitator
  • 13 Years ETDP Specialist
  • Manage and provide direction for AGSA training activities by:
    • Developing short- and medium-term strategies for training development
    • Work with team to develop work plans and set objectives
    • Assign duties to subordinates and monitor task completion
  • Design, conduct and broker the delivery of training programs
  • Creating an environment of acceptance of training intervention in the organization
  • Suggest training strategies
  • Liaison with the SETAS involved in the training of learners
  • Oversee the management training resources e.g. booklets, manuals, and unit standards
  • Oversee management of training administration
  • Assist with human resource management duties, as follows:
    • Hire ETDP employees when authorised
    • Recommend termination when necessary
    • Establish expectations and counsel employees on their performance
    • Train or arrange for training of employees as applicable
    • Monitor attendance, approve timesheets and requests for time off
  • Assist in the development of the administrative framework required to support education, training and development programs and initiatives; formulate policies, procedures, and schedules to support education and training initiatives
  • Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of training programs by conducting follow-up studies to determine impact of training programs on trainees and recommend changes as required
  • Ensure that customer relations are kept at a high standard and ensure that queries and complaints are dealt with immediately and in a satisfactory manner
  • Monitor staff performance on an ongoing basis in the form of performance appraisals and feedback
  • Motivate staff through setting clear, achievable goals, incentive programmes and feedback
  • Ensure that productivity and service objectives are achieved in all areas within the department