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  • Empower people through education, training and development and industries through fostering relationships of excellence providing jobs for our candidates.


  • AGSA offers education, training and development for people willing to invest in their future, providing high quality service through our centres of excellence.

AGSA Values

In striving towards its vision:

  • AGSA will ensure that successful learners will be in possession of accredited national qualifications that meets the highest academic standards
  • AGSA is concerned with the advancement of quality skills development in the workplace through the design and monitoring of quality assurance policies and procedures, by providing support and guidance to learners, facilitators and employers
  • AGSA focuses on lifelong learning that is relevant, practical and credible
  • AGSA is committed to human development as a pre-requisite to socio-economic and political development through providing quality service, transformation, exceeding expectations and providing individual attention
  • AGSA refuses to accept poverty as a way of life in Africa and in particular South Africa
  • AGSA believes that poverty can only be eradicated permanently by the development of personal and technical skills

Strategic Objectives

AGSA sets objectives for itself biannually.

Financial Performance

AGSA strives to meet its financial targets.

AGSA Values

In striving towards its vision